Uncover your innermost urge – but start with WHY!

WHY? – is a core question, an innermost one. Why do I do what I do – work with centering, focus/defocus, balance, breathing techniques? Why do I practice my


daily routines with myself and with my students – every single day?

Well, the story is long, but the answer is easy. My inner urge led me to the place where I am now. Because I used to think too much… My head has dominated my life for decades – without giving me nearly a single break. My roots (russian

jewish intellectual family), engineering background (my father and later also myself) together with interest for life philosophy, psychology, physiology and analyzing things to death wouldn’t make my life easier in this matter.

Head predominance and my mind used to take over the control over my life – leading to a bunch of conflicts. Mind hanging in the past lead to discontent with myself and my development, mind flying into the future activated fear of not fulfilling what I intended to. So my being in the now was fragmentary when it was best – because all the good time slots were already taken..

And the now – it’s actually what was and what is 100% of the time. Nothing else but now. I started becoming more and more aware that my fragmentary being in the now was constantly stealing the biggest part of my precious life experience. It applied to my relations with my children, my girlfriend – and my daily activities, my working processes, my hobbies.

Digging deeper I also discovered other of my ‘whys’. Among them are the urge to work helping people, giving my experience away, urge to develop my musicality and my sportsmanship, to experience it on a daily basis and so on…

That was the WHY.. So I really wanted to make a change towards living in the now – most of the time. It felt like a strong inner urge, that could not be suppressed. It led me to the next question.

 – was a powerful question, lying in the middle of a process flow. And it still is. I had to answer it prior to proceding to concrete actions, recalling that ‘how’ is more crucial than ‘what’.

I’m so lucky and grateful that my hobbies gradually became my daily activities – my working processes. So I felt that it would be natural answering the ‘how’ question through them. I simply had to practice being in the now throughout the day. Setting an anchor made this much easier. From my experience with martial arts i knew that a point called Hara situated under the navel was used as a centering point by masters for many centuries. I decided to use Hara as my one and only anchor point – both physical and mental, connecting body and mind. I chose it because of simplicity of use when it really matters and you don’t have time to think, to analyse and to choose – only to act. Now.

Training Hara connection led me further in exploration of new fields. I studied physiology of breathing, eastern body-mind connection techniques and applied them right away to my own everyday practice.

And that was the HOW.

 – was much simpler to answer now when my awareness about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ was clarified.

I connected all of my daily training to the Hara point, focusing my mind there while doing every kind of activity. With extensive exercise my emerging mind-body tools was enabled automatically every time I was connected to my center. It felt like having a magic micro-toolbox full of lifesaving instruments right at the top of your belly.

Over time and through daily use with students, the daily exercise evolved into my own tools and techniques DancingSword and Ki-Kaizen.

Try to ask yourself the questions above – and give the ‘why’ really good time.. Answering them helped me a lot understanding what I really want to do in my life. ‘Really’ is not just a fill-in word here. ‘Really’ means deep inside. It took me quite a long time to uncover the real answer that was sealed by many layers of routine, convenience and fear.

Misha Sakharoff, Ki-Kaizen instructor

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