Closer to tennis excellence with Pareto distribution?

For one year go I took something people call a big decision. I decided to become the best tennis player in the world.. DS_tennis__12_2SM

Ok.. let me narrow it down. I got this vision of playing tournaments around the world – how great it would be. I saw myself together with my coach getting ready for the next match.

I must admit that playing tennis is one of the things in my life i enjoy the most. I actually enjoy it so much that during the last couple of years it gradually became a normal and integrated part of my day – being on court everyday from 7 or 8 in the morning. Together with pure enjoyment of game I practice tasting my own medicine – my job as mental trainer and stress management consultant requires trying off the new methods on myself. Miscere utile dulci – to mix the useful with the sweet, as Horace would say.

Today I’m 47 years old. If I have a chance of becoming the best in the world in tennis it would be in the category under 50 or later – depending on how fast I improve my game. The experts in talent development say that it takes approximately 10.000 hours to become a master in your particular field of excellence.

Other experts say that some fields of excellence as e.g. tennis and golf are 80% mental and only 20% technical. I’m eager to believe from my own experience, that it does not only apply to tennis and golf, but also to the other fields of human excellence – from making good food to making good sex. This is called Pareto distribution or just 80/20 law.

So do I have a bigger chance to succeed with my vision of becoming a best player in the world if I make use of Pareto distribution in my daily training?

My next blog article will answer this question.
Coming already this week – stay tuned!
Love. Misha :-)

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