Dedicated tennis athlete
- is that you?

Optimize your breathing patterns on court and get rock solid mental resilience as your own unique competitive advantage!

Minimize poor focus, frustration, nervousness, instability and injury breaks. Completely without mental training ...

Say farewell to mental training!

You can not become a better winner by working with the mental aspect
detached from the physical game. Mental resilience is a direct consequence of
the physical aspects of the game of tennis.

Unfortunately, it is usually treated as if mental resilience is a world apart - which is typical symptom treatment.

We should train mental resilience through physical actions.
It's not what we think, it's what we do - physically.
To get into the "zone" every time we have to make ourselves
free from mental performance impairments such as:

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    Feelings and thoughts
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    Doubt and uncertainty
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    Fear and aggression

To create lasting and strong change, we must
work with causes - instead of symptoms!

How do we learn to come
into the "zone" - every time?

As a competitive player, you are always looking for an extra competitive advantage.
You want to make your game stronger, faster,

and have stronger endurance than your competitors. 

That's why you train for hours every day, every week, every month, every year.

You have heard of concepts like “getting into the zone” and experiencing “flow”.
Many people experience these concepts as being "fluffy". The unique thing about my program is that I can describe the specific physiological path into the zone
- so it does not depend on coincidences, but can be trained.

Knowing to learn the way into the "zone" you will be able to ​get

a unique and stable competitive advantage:

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    Fewer unprovoked and double errors
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    Fewer injuries and injury breaks
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    Unbroken mental focus and increased stability
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    Increased anaerobic efficiency and physical endurance
  • arrow-circle-o-right
    Less frustration and nervousness during the points
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    Longterm health benefits (fitness PLUS health)
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    Greater joy of the game

Hear how I learned to love tennis
even higher - the hard way ...

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